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Technical drawings, arrangement drawings and schematics

Time schedules

Process engineering calculations
Water-steam cycle: Ebsilon as per IAPWS-IF97

  • Cycle simulations
  • Heat exchanger calculations
  • Turbine rating
  • Incineration calculations
  • Steam drum
  • Rating of air-cooled condenser
  • Feed pump dimensioning in compliance with TRD
  • Rating of tanks

Flue-gas cleaning system: Ebsilon, Excel and VBA as per VDI 4670

  • Rating of plant components (also in consideration of VDI 3679)
  • Nozzle selection
  • ID-fan calculations, steam-heated gas preheaters
  • Calculation of feedstock and residual materials
  • Noise propagation
  • Pressure losses
  • R1-calculation
  • Sulphuric acid dew point, salification etc.
  • Calculations for scrubbers, e.g. packed bed scrubber

Measuring equipment and methods used for independent verification of variables

  • Various U-tubes to determine pressure
  • Vane anemometer
  • Sonic measurement
  • Temperature measurement
  • Coat thickness gauge
  • Chemical analysis of simple substances
  • Filament probe to determine flow profiles