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Mareike Panhoff
Diplom Ingenieurin (FH) for environmental engineering

Dipl.-Ing. Mareike Panhoff

Born in : 1979

Education: Completion of apprenticeship as chemical lab technician at E.ON Kraftwerke GmbH, Landesbergen.
Degree in environmental engineering at the Bremen University of Applied Sciences, including year abroad at the Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia

Language skills: English

Professional experience:
Since 2009: Tiede-&Niemann Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Hamburg
2006 – 2008: Wandschneider + Gutjahr Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Hamburg
2002: Chemical lab technician at E.ON Kraftwerke GmbH, Landesbergen

Main projects:

  • Planning modernisation and modification of flue gas system, RBB Böblingen
  • Study decarbonisation system, AVA Velsen
  • Planning of degasification system, AMK Iserlohn
  • Planning for cooling systemof process water, AMK Iserlohn
  • Assessment of wet scrubbing system, Pyral AG
  • Study stripping system, GMVA Niederrhein
  • Planning for sampling station, AVA Velsen
  • Planning for second steam turbine, AVG Köln
  • Planning for caustic soda solution tank, MHKW Darmstadt
  • Planning of modernisation of flue gas system of sewage sludge incineration plant, BWB Berlin
  • Planning of replacement glass tube heat exchanger, MHKW Darmstadt
  • Planning of noise reduction, MHKW Darmstadt
  • Construction of a new steam turbine, MVA Hagen
  • Solar thermal power plant in Doem Bang, Thailand
  • Collection and cooling of condensate, MHKW Darmstadt
  • Examination of spray drier, MVA Bielefeld
  • Solar thermal power plant in Kanjanaburi, Thailand
  • Planning for HP steam gas pre-heater, MHKW Darmstadt
  • Masterplan, HVC Dordrecht
  • Optimisation of energy efficiency, HVC Alkmaar
  • Assistance to project management and lot manager for flue-gas cleaning system, MKK Bremen
  • Draft planning for sewage sludge incineration plant, AZV Pinneberg
  • Capacity enhancement, AEZ Asdonkshof