You’ve got the fire under control, but what about the ancillary equipment?

Do you have to worry about the temperature dropping below the dew point in your fabric filter?
Does your flue-gas cleaning system require too many chemicals?
And what about the separation capacity of your scrubber?
Is it not as good as you would expect?

Are you in the business of generating power? We can help you optimise the efficiency.

What happens to your steam?
Do you have to run it through the reducing station instead of the turbine?
Are you considering optimising your air-cooled condenser?
Are you still burning gas upstream the catalyst?
And why does the ID-fan always operate at full power?

Do you have a suntrap? How about investing in a solar thermal power plant?

Can solar heat be integrated in your CHP process?
Can you imagine pre-heating your feedwater with solar power?

Whatever your problem may be, just come and talk to us. We can help.